iPad 3 buzz ramps up

So in February last year I posted about what I thought might be in the iPad2. A lot of it was wrong of course (e.g. no 128 GB models, no included free MobileMe), but I lot of what I suggested as being part of the software and services side of things did later come to pass, branded as iCloud.

So now the time has come when people are ramping up the buzz on Ipad 3, and some familiar themes are emerging.  People want/expect better cameras, especially the front facing one for better Facetime. Not gonna happen, Why? Well bandwidth is the key here. I don’t think 4G is widespread enough for this to be a feature right here right now. So while Apple may bow to pressure to include 4G in the new iPad, I don’t expect the front camera to exploit it, although someone is bound to make or adapt their own app that will. Apple is all about the experience remember, and bandwidth-broken HD video doesn’t sell.

Some others are pretty much a given. There will be no SD, USB, HDMI or Thunderbolt ports. That’s what accessory makers are for.

Lighter and thinner. Maybe a bit but I can’t see where they’re going to find the grams to cut from the 2. Not if they want to keep battery life up where it is now and with a hungrier processor on board. This brings me to the A6. Even though Steve is gone I cannot see Apple introducing a new model with less battery life. So unless they can can play off the power/weight/battery ratio just right, I don’t think we’ll see one.

More memory. I got it wrong last time so I’m going to stick with 64GB as the high end this time around. Apple’s strategy is clearly to get you to keep stuff in the cloud, and expect them to tout how much is free on iCloud.  16/32/64GB chips would also be cheaper in volume now and will help to keep the device cost down.

Retina displays? Still unlikely in my book, unless the battery issue is solved.

Smaller (e.g. 7″ or 8″) model? Even though Steve is gone I really think enough of his dissing of that form factor resonates around Cupertino that’s not going to happen now. It will happen but I’m betting it won’t be called an iPad, it’ll be called an iPod Touch. Remember this is an iOS ecosystem, so right here I’m predicting the little tab is actually going to be called the new iToKK ( iPod Touch Kindle Killer). Just kidding, they’ll think of a better name, besides itokk is a pre-existing VOIP company.

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