Cloudbusting Trade Nations Outage

So the Eastern USA storms took out a whole bunch of cloud/web servers, most notably Amazons EC2 Cloud service in North Virginia. Parts of this are coming back on line but at it’s height outages included Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest, but not mentioned in most press was the catastrophic failure of server services for  Trade Nations! No peeps and sheeps for 19 hours! Came back online this morning Australian time mind you.Update: Off again. Update 2 : On again.

and now, for no real reason, a picture of a fungus. Sort of thing you see when the internet crashes and you get up, get out and go for a walk…

random fungus

Fungus on a log, Moggill Creek

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Photosharing site ZangZing shutting down

Got this email this morning:


Unfortunately, we have some sad news to share.

On July 2nd, ZangZing will no longer accept new users to join or new photos to be uploaded.

On August 31st, we will be shutting down ZangZing and permanently deleting all photos, contact information, and account information.

To download your original photos, please follow these steps:
Sign in at
Mouse-over the album you would like to download
Click the “i” menu and choose Download. This will create a Zip file of all the original photos in that album. Once each album is completely downloaded, then begin the next album download as simultaneous downloads can become corrupted on some web browsers
Repeat this for all your albums
If you have any problems, please refer to this Help article,

Thank you for sharing our same passion for design, privacy, and group photo sharing. You inspired us.

The ZangZing Team

I was not a big user of ZangZing but I had set up a small test site a while back when I was looking for alternatives to the Gallery Feature of MobileMe. I tried to use the instructions link in the email I received from them to recover the photos as a ZIP archive, but my Mac cannot seem to decompress this file:

Hmm, seems a regular ZIP file to me when opened in a text editor:

PKa!> IMG_3931.jpgÿØÿàJFIFHHÿâXICC_PROFILEHappl scnrRGB XYZ ÓacspAPPLapplöÖÓ-appl rXYZgXYZbXYZ0wtptDchadX,rTRC„gTRC„bTRC„descØncprt”Adscm”þXYZ tK>ËXYZ Zs¬¦&XYZ (W¸3XYZ óRÏsf32 BÞÿÿó&’ý‘ÿÿû¢ÿÿý£ÜÀlcurv3mluc enUS$žes


Hope anybody with serious numbers of photos there gets a better outcome than me.

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WWDC announcement odds

  1. iOS 6 preview (odds-on)
  2. Macbook Pro-Airs (3-2)
  3. iPad mini (5-1)
  4. iCloud updates (evens)
  5. iCloud “Pro” – paid upgrades for online iWork doc sharing etc (5-1)
  6. iPod touch with Siri + micro-USB connector (3-1)
  7. iPad 3.1 – rev. upgrade to Siri + micro-USB connector (5-1)
  8. Dual boot iOS6/Mountain Lion Macbook Air (25-1)
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MobileMe code snippets

The End (of MobileMe) is nigh

The End (of MobileMe) is nigh

Coding of the week smiley. Received the email from Apple reminding me that MobileMe (note your email may point to a different customised site) is shutting down on June 30. Went to the web page and had a bit of a poke around. Peeking at the source code for these pages led to these gems:

PASSTHROUGH: true,//(B.s.safari>=3 || B.iPad || B.s.mozilla>=3 || B.s.msie>=7 ||>=1) && !(B.iPhone || B.s.msie<7),//we are not redirecting any browsers, because other MobileMe pages will do that. Login is not the entry point to our world.

Login is not the entry point to our world. Gold.

if(navigator.loadPurpose===”preview”) //This lets Top Sites requests through, so we show the actual login page instead of “you need to allow COOKIES!”

Mmmmm. Cookies.

//using the same color here as for the field_label_empty. no more fade…

No more fade?

a {display:none;}’+//hack to keep the links from coming in blue… don’t know exactly why they were doing that. should figure it out.

We all feel a little blue now and then

var MOBILE_LOAD = !!B.iPhone; //todo support android phones, too! //kind of //hacked; android’s browser is treated as mobile safari, and life seems to be okay-ish for now…

My personal fave.

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The iPadlet

The rumours continue to swirl about a downsized iPad. Maybe 7″ maybe 8.7″?
Who knows? Practically every size between an iPod Touch and the current iPad has been touted at some stage or another. I still believe that there will be such a toy eventually but it won’t be called an iPad. Here’s to the “new iPod Touch”.

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New ipad supplies still a bit constrained on AU Apple Store

The Apple online store is listing iPad 2’s as in stock, but the new ipads are listed as shippin g in 5-7 business days for all models

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Waitomo Wifi

No I’m afraid it wasn’t free but the award for descriptive and amusing wifi zone name was WCave Bottom found not surprisingly at the bottom of the Glowworm cave boat ride in Waitomo.


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