Preparation 1

Once we had confirmed travel dates, and a planned itinerary like most people we went online and checked out some hotels. Using $Online_booking_company, we booked some hotels, many with inhouse Wifi, and in due course, received confirming emails of our booked nights. Again like most people we printed out the emails, and put them in the Big Folder Of Travel Stuff (BFOTS) along with the tickets.

However, I also printed the files to PDF, and looked to put copies of our booking details in various places. I am a MobileMe subscriber so I put a copy on my iDisk, but I wanted a copy on my iPhone and the iPad so as, at that early stage, iBooks did not support PDF’s, and wasn’t even on iPhone yet, I bought a copy of GoodReader. Really useful app for this and other things, but now has been superseded at least for this single purpose somewhat by iBooks now “doing” PDFs.

I also collected a motley assortment of PDFs downloaded from the Internet, from Train maps, to City Guides etc. Here are a few:

These are all now cosily filed into iBooks, and ready to be called up if needed (i.e. I lose the hard copies of hotel bookings etc).


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