Preparation 2

Buying Apps

So like many travellers before us, we headed off to the library, and borrowed the most recent copies of Lonely Planet, Lets Go, and Rough Guide Germany we could get our hands on, read through them and started making lists. And fairly quickly I decided that I’d like to keep a few chapters on hand, so after looking at (and pricing) the various eBook options online, I found to my amazement that it was probably cheaper to just buy the two main city Guides as Apps for where we were going to spend the most time, Stuttgart and München from Lonely Planet in the iTunes App Store.

So here’s the list of apps we’ve loaded up with the take with us, and hopefully use whilst away.

  • iBooks
  • WordPress
  • iDisk
  • MobileMe Gallery (photo sharing – more on that later)
  • Flickr
  • DB Navigator (German train timetables and trip planner)
  • Good Reader
  • SSB Trip Planner (Stuttgart transport guide)
  • Munich City Guide – Lonely Planet
  • Stuttgart City Guide – Lonely Planet
  • MVG FahrInfo (Munich transport guide)

The photo Apps in particular will be discussed in more detail in later posts.

so until then, auf Wiedersehen.


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