The iPad as a Photo Storage device

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Buzzy Bee!

Buzzy Bee! How can you not smile in Wellington when you see a giant Buzzy?

– We used the iPad like this exactly the same way on our NZ trip over the school holidays and it worked just as well as the first time.]

Original Post below:

Several articles (too many to point to) have noted that the iPad is not a suitable replacement for a dedicated hard-drive like photo storage device. And I don’t disagree necessarily, but for every one site out there knocking them for “serious” photographers, there are several enthusiastic users of them as photo viewers in the field.  There’s no question that at 64GB current maximum capacity, a “serious” DSLR photographer isn’t likely to want one of these for that purpose.

But that’s not how I see our Pad doing service this holiday. One of the first gadgets we bought for our iPad was Apple’s own iPad Camera Connection Kit (iCCK). This handy device can accept both SD vards by one of it’s dongle’s, and USB devices such as digital Camera’s with the other [ Stop press: The iOS 4.2 update apparently kills some of this functionality]. This seems to have settled down now…

You can either preview or download photos from your cards to the iPad, which is in this case acting like a crossover between a big screen review panel, and a storage device in it’s own right.

How we envisage this working is that every couple of days, or daily if I’m feeling more paranoid, the SD cards will be taken out, and the photos QC’d on the iPad using the iCCK. Whenever I find a standout photo or two those will be copied to the iPad for extra safe keeping. Nothing will get wiped from the cards whilst on holidays.

Once the cards get filled in due course they will be replaced in each of our cameras with new empty 4GB ones I bought Sandisk cards online for about $11 each (Umart). And the full ones will be kept somewhere safe in our luggage – never all together in one place, I’m paranoid like that. With 4 cameras going along, there will be multiple views of some scenery and highlights anyway, an additional form of redundancy.

Then every now and then I will upload copies of the limited number of “keepers” to my:

  1. MobileMe gallery
  2. Dropbox
  3. iDisk
  4. emailed to my work account (if I get good Wifi)

This starts to look like my usual way of doing things. Multiple backups in multiple locations. Then when we get home everything goes into the home computer for editing, our on- and offline storage for backup and of course to print!

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